During the semester, you will work on a project in which you will explore a more advanced topic in the theory of computation. The topic of your presentation can go in any number of directions, and should reflect your unique passions and interests, while still being relevant to the course material. You will turn in a writeup in which you explain the topic in a way that would be accessible to your fellow classmates (or even your non-math/CS friends). It is very clear to note that the intended audience is not the instructor.

Your report will be graded for clarity and effort. You should get the main points of your topic across, and you should demonstrate that you engaged with the topic in an active and intellectually curious manner. If you choose a topic that poses a philosophical question, you should also demonstrate that you tried to answer the question in a mathematically rigorous manner using the techniques we have learned about in this course.

Here are some examples of directions you could go with your project: The project the following components: The idea for this course component was borrowed from Dr. David Chiang's theory of computation course at Notre Dame.